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We hope everyone has had a happy and safe Christmas & New Year.

Unfortunately over the last week we have had to make the very hard decision to no longer continue with this blog. We started this blog in an effort to show just how many real same-sex couples are in beautiful, committed relationships. Although we both cannot even begin to put into words how happy it has made us to share so many same-sex weddings with you all, we have increasingly begun to feel we are toeing the line by posting these photographs on tumblr.

Our priority from the start was to make sure that each and every photograph was properly sourced and the photographer correctly credited. It is, however, becoming increasingly difficult for us to feel comfortable posting these photographs even with sourcing. We have only ever had the best intentions with this blog, but the fear of upsetting any photographer or creator of these photographs has simply become too great.

For those of you who love lesbian weddings as much as us - never fear! We’ve compiled a list of websites for you to take a look at and bookmark that will hopefully serve to fulfil your same-sex wedding needs in the future.

Our all-time favourite and most regularly updated blog is, hands down, A Bicycle Built for Two. Closely followed by the wonderful blogs So You’re Engayged, A Vote & A Vow, Equally Wed,  Two Birds Nest, and For Real Equality Weddings. Also, check out the GLBTI wedding tags at Style Me Pretty, Ruffled BlogOffbeat Bride, and A Practical Wedding.

For everyone who has sent us beautiful messages of support and kindness over the last 5 months, thank you. We hope we have achieved our goal of providing a source of inspiration and hope for anyone in need, particularly those struggling with LGBTQ issues. If nothing else, please take from this blog the surety that there are thousands of beautiful same-sex weddings taking place all around the world, all the time. 

Thank you for you support. We wish everyone all the very best.

Caitlyn & Laura x

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